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Governor Nathan Deal Signs Amended Historical Display Law

Yesterday afternoon (May 7, 2012) Georgia Governor Nathan Deal held a bill signing ceremony for HB 766. The new law amends a 2006 law that allowed the posting of 9 historical documents, including a copy of the Ten Commandments, in Courthouses. The new law allows “The Foundations of American Law & Government Display” to be posted in ‘all’ public buildings!

Historical Display Approved in Madison County

On July 1, 2006, Gov. Sonny Perdue signed into law H.B. 941 authorizing local governments to erect historical displays that include a copy of the Ten Commandments. These displays pave the way for communities to further educate their citizens regarding historical facts about our country's founding.


More Displays Set To Go Up In White County

We are happy to announce that on the "National Day of Prayer" of May 7th, White County had a media event celebrating the hanging of our country's nine historical documents in the White County courthouse. The first of these nine documents are the Ten Commandments. Pastor Jim Holmes of Helen First Baptist Church spearheaded the hanging of these documents. With the enthusiastic and unanimous support of White County Board of Commissioners, White County becomes one of almost twenty counties of the 159 in Georgia to hang these documents.


More Displays Set To Go Up

We are excited to announce that more sets of the "Foundations of American Law & Government Displays" continue to be purchased in our state. We have 10 counties that have posted these important documents in public government buildings so far!

Three more counties have received the documents and are preparing to hang them later this year.

Historical Display Goes Up in Lee County

We are excited to announce that a set of the “Foundations of American Law & Government Display” has been accepted by the Lee County Commissioners to be hung in the Lee County Courthouse.

On February 28, the Lee County Commissioners were presented with the Foundations of American Law and Government display by the First Baptist Church of Leesburg, pastored by Rev. Bobby Harrell. The commissioners voted to accept and display the donation in the Lee County Courthouse.


Two More Historical Displays are Approved in the State

Two more sets of the "Foundations of American Law & Government Display" will be hung. This time they will be in the courthouse of Barrow County as well as in Douglas County. These recent decisions come on the heels of Dougherty County's decision to be the first south Georgia county to approve the display in a courthouse.


Historical Display to go up in Dougherty Courthouse

Another "Foundations of American Law & Government Display" will be hung. This time it will be in the courthouse in Dougherty County in Albany, Georgia. In June of this year, a display was hung in a community center owned by the city of Odum, Ga. Another display was hung in the City Hall of Hartwell, Ga in September. A display in Jonesboro was the third state-law approved display to go up but, the FIRST of its kind to go up in a county courthouse. This display in Albany will be the first to go up in a South Georgia courthouse!


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